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Weather Projections: Winter 2015-2016

If it is possible for multiple weather services to agree on the weather forecast than the winter of 2016 may be the first. WSI, NOAA and even the Farmer’s Almanac agree that there is a strong El Nino in effect and it appears that this El Nino will be around for most of the winter. WSI predicts warmer than normal temperatures in the Northeast with below normal temperatures during the month of February. It is important to note that although warmer than normal temperatures are forecasted for the Northeast, the corridor between Boston, New York and New Jersey is forecasted to have below normal temperatures for January and February. All the services seem to agree that if there is going to be severe weather with prolonged cold temperatures, that event will occur sometime between late January and the entire month of February. Heating Degrees days are projected to be below last year’s observed amounts and slightly below the 30 year average.