Our proprietary online reporting tool, ECM Energy Accountant℠, collects data at the meter level and delivers reports at building, department or at any other desired level of reporting. Unlike competitors who claim to track savings, ECM provides legitimate and verifiable savings tracking in addition to other key benchmarks including hedge performance.

Time saved. Money saved. That’s the ECM Energy Accountant℠ benefit.

Just as there are only so many dollars in a budget, there are only so many minutes in each day. ECM Energy Accountant℠ takes time-intensive reporting tasks off your plate, freeing bandwidth to focus on other mission-critical tasks.

Our Facility Data Management & Reporting offering includes:

  • Meter Data Management

  • Cost Reporting by Component

  • Associated Invoice Processing & Review

  • Budget Development, Monitoring & Reforecasting using customer specific energy profiles, current market data, anticipated regulatory proceeding rulings and forward market pricing.

  • Analysis and Breakdown of Budget Variances including forecast analysis of costs for the remaining months of the budget year

  • Budget Reforecasting to reflect permanent information changes including customer consumption or demand information changes, upon request

  • Performance Reporting versus utility, hedge or benchmarking

  • Energy Carbon Tracking