ECM Central Plant & Energy Storage Development

A powerful partnership with Trane unlocks comprehensive insights and capabilities to improve efficiency in every aspect of your demand-side energy needs. And ECM sits on the forefront of transformative change in energy storage development, helping you leverage the very latest technological advances.


A robust understanding of what powers your facilities – and the numbers behind the power.

Working seamlessly with our facility development partner Trane, ECM can meet all of your demand-side energy efficiency needs, from a simple energy audit to our complete suite of energy solutions.

ECM works with Trane to provide financial analysis capabilities including energy modeling, rate implications and energy market impact, as well as securing any available subsidies. In return, Trane’s Energy Services Group provides savvy technical expertise, financial strength, leading HVAC equipment and turn-key construction services.

The power of the ECM/Trane team.

While other companies have the ability to articulate obvious technical solutions and broader, high level financial reviews, the ECM/Trane team uncovers not-so-obvious recommendations through more comprehensive infrastructure analysis. This integrated view incorporates an in-depth look at a facility’s total system, typically including an assessment of complicated utility rate structures, available government subsidies, key financial metrics such as NPV, IRR and sensitivity analysis, and energy modeling software when appropriate.

Energy storage expertise to lower costs and optimize your assets.

ECM has a long record of success working on major HVAC and generation projects. Yet our greatest impact is achieved through energy storage. Over the last decade, we’ve been involved with more than 150,000 ton-hours of thermal storage – and that’s experience you can leverage.

Our energy storage capabilities now includes batteries, making us one of the leaders capitalizing on the technology for commercial office buildings, improving reliability and expanding demand response revenue streams through ancillary services.