We are driven to bring you the most intelligent, creative, transparent and financially attractive energy solutions to benefit your organization’s bottom line—and to care for the planet that we all share.

Navigate today’s changing energy landscape with an expert that leads the way.

ECM – a pioneer in the energy marketplace.

Founded in 2003, ECM is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced integrated energy solutions teams in the U.S. We combine a deep understanding of regional energy markets with the organizational dexterity to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Our milestones include:

  • Becoming one of the first companies to participate in the electric wholesale procurement arena in the early stages of de-regulation.
  • A leader in distributed energy resources and sustainable thermal energy storage – and now leading again in battery storage, particularly in the NY metro area.
  • Piloting sophisticated value stacking revenue techniques within our demand response capabilities.
  • Being the first company to launch innovative vertical solutions like Open Book Energy for the real estate sector, increasing our clients’ bottom-line results and generating greater value from existing assets.
  • Making a difference for our clients in evaluating and developing financially-sound carbon neutrality programs.

ECM delivers what you want and need: deep expertise, a passion for details, custom solutions, and full transparency.

Supporting a diverse base of Fortune 500 clients, our expertise tells us that one size does not fit all; while there are many similarities in energy strategies across industries, there are also particular sector nuances that require creativity and forward-thinking insights to leverage.

Our custom-tailored solutions and market recommendations are supported by a superior analytical backbone that continually analyzes thousands of meaningful data points. The energy solutions we identify translate into the most efficient and cost effective decisions you can make, on or off the electrical grid. But before we move forward with a strategy, ECM always takes the time to communicate complex solutions in a simple and fully transparent manner – giving you piece of mind that you’ve made the right decision.

ECM has a long record of success working on major HVAC and generation projects. Yet our greatest impact is achieved through energy storage. Over the last decade, we’ve been involved with more than 150,000 ton-hours of thermal storage – and that’s experience you can leverage.

Our energy storage capabilities now includes batteries, making us one of the leaders in pushing the technology into commercial office buildings, improving reliability and expanding demand response revenues streams via ancillary services.

ECM’s energy procurement solutions: delivering 20% savings even in today’s pricing landscape.

ECM has a proven track record of delivering substantial savings to our clients. Our sophisticated retail buying strategies and direct-from-ISO wholesale market access delivers procurement savings of 5% to 15% compared to standard retail pricing (depending on procurement level). In addition, our comprehensive understanding of infrastructure technology and local utility rates – paired with our integrated suite of energy management services – can produce total savings of 20% and more.

Our flat and highly efficient organizational structure allows us to charge clients lower fees. Taken together, energy savings plus lower fees produces stronger net revenue for you.

Our senior management team leads your entire strategy and execution.

ECM’s senior management is among the select few leadership groups actively engaged in all key aspects of today’s energy industry—supply side, demand side, sustainability and reliability. We’re on the cutting edge of technology’s latest advances, but we don’t recommend projects for the sake of innovation alone. Financial viability and full transparency guide our every decision.

ECM has the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry.

At ECM, we’re only as good as your satisfaction. Which is why we’re proud of our nearly 100% client retention rate from our inception. We take great pride in knowing that we save our clients time, money and energy each day through our strategic recommendations. Our industry expertise and commitment to excellence will continue to benefit clients like you for years to come.