Market Intelligence, Trending & Risk Management

Presenting the ECM Strategic Profiler℠, our proprietary risk/reward and market analysis engine that identifies optimal energy solutions for your organization.


Making strategic sense of unpredictable energy market volatility.

The ECM Strategic Profiler℠ is a sophisticated suite of proprietary tools to help you manage risk and capitalize on opportunities in today’s rapidly shifting energy markets. Basic components of the suite include regularly tracked key market indicators and historical trends to assist you in navigating future market environments. More sophisticated components of the tool include key sensitivity risk/reward analysis tied to your budget.

In addition, the ECM management team reviews thousands of meaningful data points and  annually engages with world-renowned economists to refine our thinking on influential key market indicators—all to ensure that each solution created for you is thoroughly vetted for  both short and long term goals. ECM’s service offering includes:

• Regulatory Intelligence

• ISO Monitoring

• Industry Trends

• Market & Commodity Price Component Tracking, Trend Analysis & Forecasting

• Economy Impact

• Weather Forecasts

• Sensitivity Analysis

• Hedge Procurement and Settlement with Position Reporting, if applicable

• Development of Customer-Specific Risk Strategies

• Standardized Online Daily and Monthly Market Updates

Unlock an array of ECM Special Reports

ECM industry intelligence for our clients includes a daily key indicator tracker, special reports, tri-annual market update and more. Get your FREE copy of a special report today!

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