ECM helps your organization buy energy more intelligently and with full transperancy. Our knowledge of the sector allows us to offer the most comprehensive array of integrated solutions in the industry.

Leverage today’s most efficient energy purchasing

Gain full transparency into every aspect of your customized energy procurement process with ECM.

Transparency for every size enterprise, risk profile and financial expectation
From the Fortune 500 to growing business, across industries and government entities, energy procurement visibility matters. At ECM, we’re engineers of customized energy strategies delivering the optimal procurement option with the transparency needed to achieve your goals.

ECM’s depth of experience and regional market intelligence demystifies the procurement process to save time, resources and money. Across markets and energy sources, we can help you:

  • Develop customized purchasing strategies for your unique risk/reward profile
  • Maximize overall energy efficiencies by seamlessly integrating DERs and carbon reduction strategies
  • Quantify risk for more informed purchase decisions through budget sensitivities, detailed reporting, and proprietary analytics.
  • Monitor volatile energy markets continually for buy opportunities
  • When appropriate, capture wholesale energy opportunities to lower costs, to provide greater flexibility, and to add an incremental revenue stream through ECM’s outsourced backroom services

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ECM’s suite of procurement capabilities and offerings include:

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