Strategic Energy Procurement & Management

ECM helps your organization buy energy more intelligently with completely transparent access to the wholesale market. Our knowledge of the sector allows us to offer the most comprehensive array of integrated solutions in the industry.


Presenting today’s most efficient method of purchasing and managing energy.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, government entity or other type of institution, ECM can develop customized key energy strategies, execute the optimal procurement option for your needs and risk profile, and maximize cost and time savings—and do it all while providing full transparency throughout the entire process.

ECM’s depth of experience and regional market intelligence will help you generate incremental savings and efficiencies by:

• Managing your energy procurement needs on an on-going basis

• Developing a customized purchasing strategy that fits your unique risk/reward profile

• Accurately quantifying risk with tools and market information that lead to more informed purchase decisions

• Continually monitoring volatile energy markets for buy opportunities to ensure your buying strategies are effectively executed

• Providing billing, budgeting and savings reports to assess progress and assist in adjusting future strategies

• Helping you capture opportunities in the wholesale energy market via outsourced backroom services that translate into lower costs and greater flexibility through sophisticated energy purchasing strategies

ECM can also manage many non-core functions of your energy planning, monitoring and execution processes. Outsourcing these functions to ECM typically translates into revenue generation through lower costs, increased asset valuation, improved risk management and budget control.

Wholesale Electricity Procurement:

ECM is one of the only energy procurement companies that can help you buy electricity directly from an Independent System Operator (ISO) on a wholesale basis, effectively cutting out the middleman. The result is substantial incremental wholesale-retail savings and full price transparency.

As one of the first companies to participate in the wholesale energy market, ECM routinely saves wholesale energy customers an average of 5% to 15% when compared to similar retail providers. In some case, ECM can save almost double that amount compared to existing energy procurement practices.

ECM’s electric wholesale procurement offering includes:

• Set-up (Regulatory and ISO application process, Utility Application & EDI)

• Bidding & Scheduling Services

• Load Specific Bidding Strategies

• Tax Status Review

• Purchase of renewable energy credits to fulfill state RPS requirements (See Renewable Energy Procurement Services)

• Associated Data Management & Reporting (See Data Management & Reporting Services)

• Associated Bill Processing & Invoice Review

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Retail Energy Procurement:

Our broad participation in the wholesale energy markets gives us the advantage of understanding the true cost of energy, putting us in a better negotiating position than any of our competitors. This allows us to identify, negotiate and secure the best energy rates for you.

ECM will work with you to craft customized solutions to help you respond more proactively to volatile energy market activity and to insure that your purchase decisions fit in with your budgetary and risk requirements. Our retail energy procurement offerings include:

• Managing the Bid Process

• Contract Negotiations & Management

• Associated Data Management & Reporting (See Data Management & Reporting Services for specifics)

• Associated Invoice Review

Open Book Energy – a new revenue opportunity for real estate owners:

Through ECM’s innovative Open Book Energy platform, real estate owners can now participate in the energy market to purchase energy for individual properties and/or tenants via ECM’s wholesale procurement offering. In doing so, real estate clients are able to keep a portion of the realized savings as an additional revenue stream while still reducing the pass-through cost of energy to their properties/tenants.

Open Book Energy provides an entirely holistic turnkey solution. We secure energy at the lowest wholesale cost possible, collect meter level data and provide full invoicing capabilities. As a result, commercial property owners can secure between 15 to 20 cents per square foot in incremental revenue and/or savings for typical commercial office space. ECM can even customize a plan to reinvest those savings in project financing or infrastructure maintenance.

Wholesale or Retail Energy Aggregation:

ECM’s aggregation service allows your organization to save even more money by leveraging group purchasing power for bulk energy buys. We coordinate the entire process from group awareness creation, to negotiation and procurement of lower rates for all participants, to disaggregating energy purchases among each participant.

Renewable Energy Procurement:

You can now outsource your entire renewable energy procurement process to ECM. We can help you identify the optimal renewable energy solutions to meet your goals, purchase them, and then execute your necessary reporting requirements.

As the renewable energy market expert, ECM constantly assesses the market for buy opportunities.  Supply and demand economics and regulatory changes are the main price drivers in the renewable sector, which is why ECM continually tracks individual state requirements and market variables to avoid unnecessary expenditures on renewable portfolio standard requirements.

ECM applies its intellectual power and market insight to further save you money on voluntary purchases by understanding what products best fit the needs and objectives of your desired corporate green target. Specifically, ECM will:

• Purchase renewable energy credits to fulfill state RPS requirements

• Manage voluntary REC purchases for public relations, internal sustainability goals or LEED requirements

• Execute wholesale purchases directly from the trading desk or from a reseller, dependent on availability/pricing

• Manage any applicable RFP processes

• Complete all state compliance filings and provide associated regulatory database management

Recommended Combined Services Options:

• Energy Risk Management & Market Analysis (Recommended – See Risk Management & Market Analysis Services)

• Demand Response (Recommended for customers expecting to participate in Demand Response Programs).