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NY Regulatory Update

Regulatory Alert:  The New York State Public Service Commission is currently hearing arguments regarding their proposed Order to remove the ability of Energy Services Companies (ESCO’S) to sell to Residential and Small Business electricity accounts. The move comes after the Public Service Commission discovered widespread abuse among marketers as far as rates charged and savings promised to these types of customers. The NYPSC Staff filed a proposal in April 2018 and it is still under hearings by the Administrative Law Judges appointed to listen to arguments.


Regulatory Alert:  The New York State Public Service Commission approved tariff changes to account for the large tax refund NYS utility’s received as a result of The Jobs and Tax Cut Act of 2017 (Trump’s Tax Cut). Since these large refunds were not included in the approved rate filings of NYS Utilities, the NYPSC approved a monthly rate adjustment to be made to all Transportation and Delivery customers until the dollars received from these tax cuts are accounted for. The initial tax “sur-credit” for Con Ed customers who have SC9 Rate Class II meters is (.0004) $/ kWh.