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Eos Energy Storage – a new partnership with ECM

Eos Energy Storage is a battery technology company with a bold vision for the future – and for our clients.

Presenting the Lithium Ion alternative.
At ECM, we’re continually looking to partner with innovative energy companies we share a desire to transform the way the world is powered. In June 2020, we began a new partnership with Eos Energy Storage, a company accelerating clean energy through stationary storage solutions that deliver reliable and cost-competitive power the markets expect in a safe, environmentally sustainable way.

The Eos Aurora® system leverages the company’s aqueous zinc battery technology (Znyth®) to provide a safe, scalable and sustainable alternative to Lithium Ion called the EOS Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS). It employs inexpensive, widely available materials within a robust, scalable design to achieve long life and extremely low cost. 

Eos BESS is highly energy efficient: with 80% in full depth of discharge applications, it’s one of the most efficient non-lithium long duration energy storage solutions available.

Safe for you, right for the environment and made in the USA.

Eos BESS is non-flammable and non-combustible. Its aqueous electrolyte has no flashpoint, making it non-hazardous and non-corrosive when shipped. Environmentally, Eos BESS has much better options for end of life disposal compared to Lithium Ion batteries. Eos BESS is manufactured in the USA (Pittsburgh, PA).

ECM is the official reseller of EOS Energy Storage battery systems solutions in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.