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ECM’s Long Term Partner Named as One of the Top 75 Energy Industry Leaders

Congratulations to Bill Beck, one of ECM’s long term partners, for being chosen as one of the top 75 Energy Industry Leaders by Energy Manager Today.

Bill has an impressive list of accomplishments and has truly been a pioneer in the Energy industry:

  • Bill was among the first to bring end use customers to the wholesale electricity markets, purchasing directly from multiple Independent System Operators. Credit Suisse has saved millions of dollars by purchasing in a fully transparent manner and with greater insight into the energy marketplace.
  • He led a major central plant retrofit incorporating one of the first major Ice storage systems in New York City, over a full decade before energy storage became main-stream there.  The central plant retrofit delivered over a megawatt of demand reduction and over two million kilowatt-hours of reduced consumption by incorporating low flow/low temperature strategies and expanding free cooling opportunities.  
  • He was a pioneer within Credit Suisse for reducing their carbon footprint with the installation of a roof-top solar plant that was in excess of one megawatt. 


Congratulations to you Bill for the award and the well-deserved recognition! We look forward to partnering with you for years to come!