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Marguerite Miller Vice President-Procurement Operations, ECM

Marguerite is a C.P.A. with over 25 years of finance-related experience, of which 15 years is directly related to managing wholesale energy transactions in multiple interconnections across the United States. A leading deregulation expert, she is responsible for reconciliation of disaggregated wholesale electricity and natural gas costs components and customer consumption data, including the monitoring of internal processes for information flow between ISOs, utilities and end users. Marguerite also leads a team of professionals providing savings verification services, supports advisory risk management services and leads the continuing development of new database software solutions for energy procurement.

Marguerite has extensive experience in both public and private accounting sectors. Her experience as a CPA allows ECM to provide sophisticated budget analysis and planning services to clients, combining audit, technical and energy billing experience to provide customers with value on a daily basis.

Marguerite has a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University and a Masters of Business Administration in Accounting & Finance from SUNY at Buffalo.