ECM helps customers focus on financially-viable microgrid solutions. Our deep experience with onsite renewable generation, cogeneration, demand response and energy storage – along with our wholesale procurement capabilities – uniquely position us to assist larger clients thinking about developing their own microgrids.


Microgrid Feasibility Study and Management

Cutting costs isn’t enough today. Generating revenue in new and unexpected ways is where real success is realized. For larger companies, that means unlocking savings and earning potential from your own microgrid – with the help of ECM. Our in-depth knowledge of today’s most advanced Distributed Energy Resources (DER) technologies and comprehensive wholesale electric procurement capabilities are unique in the industry – and the combination you need to develop your microgrid strategy.

Increase energy reliability and maximize earnings potential.

Our thermal/battery energy storage solutions and generation experience – combined with our deep experience in bidding and scheduling DER assets directly into multiple markets (as opposed to Demand Response opportunities only) – provides a seamless, efficient, value-rich solution.

Let’s talk today about ECM’s Microgrid Feasibility Study. We can help you:

1. Review the latest DER technologies that are best suited to your enterprise goals

2. Analyze income-producing DER resource activities based on all available energy market opportunities

3. Model the financial impact of proposed projects