ECM Wholesale Procurement Services

ECM is the wholesale electricity procurement specialist that can help you save up to 15% through direct access to the wholesale markets.


Buy direct from Independent Systems Operators for savings you can’t get with retail.

The United States has been deregulated into seven regions known as Independent Systems Operators (ISOs). ISOs are non -profit entities authorized to manage electric transmission and wholesale electricity markets. And like other wholesale environments, these markets provide savings not available through retail channels.

If your facilities are located in a de-regulated market, ECM can reduce your electricity costs without changing how your electricity is delivered—and it’s incredibly easy to make it happen.

Savings without hidden fees, add-ons or complicated billing.

ECM can help you become a direct participant in wholesale electricity markets by managing necessary applications and notifications on your behalf. Our operations division can then purchase all supply portion components for your electricity bill. Procurement and our additional consulting services are covered through a management fee, providing full transparency into your electricity spending. And because we make no money from your commodity purchase, we also help you avoid hidden fees, add-ons and complicated billing metrics. You save thanks to our deep experience and significant investment in sophisticated procurement technology.

Customize ECM’s risk management services and proprietary tools to save even more.

Our wholesale procurement solutions consistently save our clients 5% to 15%. When combined with our risk management services and proprietary tools, customers secure both savings and increased control over their budgets.

In deciding which wholesale market buying strategy is right for you, we help you navigate many choices, including three main strategies: float with the market (which typically leads to maximum savings), fix a price in the forward markets for budget certainty, or a combination of both. Our proprietary tools track and analyze daily market information—benchmarked against data from the past decade—for easy-to-understand, real-time insights that lead to more informed purchasing decisions.

Join the growing roster of Fortune 500 companies that are already saving with ECM.

ECM has helped clients achieve significant savings in deregulated markets since 2003. You can do the same! Why wait? Call ECM today at 877-724-9974.

Recommended Combined Services Options:

• Energy Risk Management & Market Analysis (Recommended – See Risk Management & Market Analysis Services)

• Demand Response (Recommended for customers expecting to participate in Demand Response Programs).

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