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The Cost of Reliability

Under normal circumstances, the primary task of Regional Transmission Operators and Independent System Operators (RTOs/ISOs) is economic dispatch. This means meeting load needs at the lowest possible operating cost while maintaining system reliability. But under extreme conditions, RTOs/ISOs must switch to a different set of operating procedures focused purely on keeping the system safe and up

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Debunking the Top 4 Myths of Electric Wholesale Procurement

When I talk to prospective clients about the benefits of transitioning to electric wholesale procurement, much of my time is spent correcting inaccuracies they’ve learned elsewhere. So I’m devoting this blog entry to the top myths I regularly encounter—and how learning the truth about them can benefit your organization. Myth #1: Retail and wholesale procurement

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How Global Economics Impact Your Energy Equation

  Last weekend, I made my annual trip to a privately held global economic forum. This year’s attendees featured a half dozen of the world’s leading global economists (including former Federal & European Union Policy advisors) and roughly a dozen leading money managers. Representatives came from financial capitals in Asia, Europe, and Canada, as well

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The Power Of A Centralized Org Design

When clients and other colleagues talk about the “trend” of Fortune 500 companies centralizing their energy and energy-related functions, I think we’re looking at something much bigger. There are numerous drivers behind the move toward centralization. Expected savings, especially during periods of economic uncertainty, is the obvious one. But another common driver is the need

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