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The Fate of Nuclear Power: Why It Is Important To You

The United States has been entertaining the debate regarding the pros and cons of Nuclear Power and its development since 1979 when the world watched as one of the reactors at Three Mile Island came perilously close to a meltdown. Nuclear Power as an important generation source for electricity stayed the course and continued to

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Weather Projections: Winter 2015-2016

If it is possible for multiple weather services to agree on the weather forecast than the winter of 2016 may be the first. WSI, NOAA and even the Farmer’s Almanac agree that there is a strong El Nino in effect and it appears that this El Nino will be around for most of the winter.

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3rd Quarter 2015 Pricing Summary

Day Ahead Market Pricing in the North-East markets has touched new lows as the supply of natural gas continues to grow.  Forward Pricing is also trading at historic lows with the 2016 calendar year pricing trading below 2010/2011 actual DAM pricing.  The EIA and various market analysts predict that pricing will remain low with periodic

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Domestic Renewable Portfolio Standards and Renewable Energy Credits: The Evolution Is On

Over the past decade, U.S. political conversations have increasingly turned to discussions about energy sustainability programs and environmentally-friendly energy generation projects. In turn, 30 states have developed individual Renewable Portfolio Standards in their efforts to reach specific renewable energy generation metrics over specific periods of time. These state standards typically require end-use electricity suppliers to

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Federal Versus State Jurisdiction: the Argument Over FERC Order 745

A year ago, we wrote to you about the decision from the Washington, DC US Court of Appeals to vacate the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) Order 745 regarding Demand Response Services. The order, in effect since 2011, defines market rules on how compensation should be paid to demand response assets, basically placing them on

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