ECM Management Team

ECM’s core team of energy professionals bring a wealth of experience across multiple disciplines—engineering, analysis, finance and technology—to deliver optimal integrated energy solutions for you.


Eugene Garcia

President, ECM

Eugene has 25 years of energy, engineering and finance-related operational and strategic experience to meet internal and client business requirements. His technical experience includes the design, procurement, and production of energy and energy-related systems. His extensive market knowledge comes from an array of domestic and international assignments focusing on deregulation and privatization trends in the energy industry.

Prior to forming ECM, Eugene successfully co-founded a company providing national outsourced energy solutions and managed operations for an interdisciplinary senior management team of engineers, finance and IT executives. He grew company revenues into the millions by meeting customer needs through the development of integrated energy management products and procedures.

Earlier in his career, Eugene held various engineering and engineering/business consultant positions at R.W. Beck, Syska and Hennessy, and with the City of Boston.

Eugene has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and a Masters of Business Administration, concentration in Finance, from Northeastern University.


Marguerite Miller

Vice President-Procurement Operations, ECM

Marguerite is a C.P.A. with over 25 years of finance-related experience, of which 15 years is directly related to managing wholesale energy transactions in multiple interconnections across the United States. A leading deregulation expert, she is responsible for reconciliation of disaggregated wholesale electricity and natural gas costs components and customer consumption data, including the monitoring of internal processes for information flow between ISOs, utilities and end users. Marguerite also leads a team of professionals providing savings verification services, supports advisory risk management services and leads the continuing development of new database software solutions for energy procurement.

Marguerite has extensive experience in both public and private accounting sectors. Her experience as a CPA allows ECM to provide sophisticated budget analysis and planning services to clients, combining audit, technical and energy billing experience to provide customers with value on a daily basis.

Marguerite has a Bachelor of Arts from Yale University and a Masters of Business Administration in Accounting & Finance from SUNY at Buffalo.

Marguerite Miller

Diana Farrell

Vice President- Marketing and Planning, ECM

Diana has over 20 years of experience in Strategic Marketing & Planning in various industries including telecom, over-the- counter pharmaceuticals and media & entertainment.

Prior to joining ECM, Diana was the Director of eMarketing at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare where she provided thought leadership, strategic direction and implementation
of digital initiatives across all of Pfizer OTC brands, including Advil, Centrum, ChapStick and Robitussin. In 2011, Diana was named a top OTC marketer of the year by OTC Perspectives Magazine.

As Chief Marketing Officer of PetStyle, an Internet startup competing in the $40 billion pet industry, Diana led strategy, marketing, advertising, content development and community engagement for three years.

Farrell also spent 12 years at AT&T as a director of marketing with experience in P&L accountability, new product launches of Internet, voice and data services, brand
management, direct and targeted marketing, mass advertising and communications. She has received numerous industry awards for programs and campaigns that have also resulted in significant business growth.

Diana received her undergraduate degree from Boston College and holds an MBA from the W. Paul Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University.